LSSM Services We provide representation to the low-income and elderly in civil matters.

Domestic/Sexual Violence

Domestic/Sexual Violence

We care about victims of domestic and sexual violence.

LSSM provides service to adult and child victims of abuse, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking. Our primary focus is securing orders of protection and safety planning. Other services may include divorces, child custody, and immigration. LSSM may assist victims with other legal matters related to victimization. We work closely with state and federal prosecutors, law enforcement agencies and victim advocates.

It is our mission to help families rebuild their lives and become self-sustaining, contributing citizens in our communities. LSSM also strives to provide holistic services to clients that address not only their legal needs, but also social service referrals and case management services. Our lawyers may provide counsel, advice or full representation to clients for orders of protection and divorces. Many times our lawyers will identify other legal issues where we may provide assistance such as public benefits, housing, or consumer. Each case is reviewed on its own legal merits for case acceptance.

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