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LSSM Staff Attorney Selected for Leadership Academy

Wednesday August 29, 2012

LSSM's Staff Attorney Andrea R. Long is one of twelve attorneys chosen for the 2012-2013 Missouri Bar Leadership Academy. The academy, now in its 13th year, seeks diversity in gender, race, area of practice, and locality of practice with the goal of including attorneys from underrepresented areas to broaden and strengthen The Missouri Bar. 

Andrea received her Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration and French from Westminster College; Masters in Health Administration from Missouri State University; and her Juris Doctor from the University of Tulsa College of Law.  Andrea joined the LSSM staff in 2010. 

Those serving with Long include:  Tanya K. Alm, Jefferson City; Adam A. Brown, Kansas City; Arimeta R. DuPree, Kansas City; Elizabeth V. Grana, St. Louis; L. William Hardwick, Waynesville; Lauren A. Horsman, Kansas City; Justin L. Mason, St. Louis; Samir R. Mehta, St. Louis; W. Patrick Mobley, St. Louis; Daniel F. Portnoy, Mission, KS; and Ryan C. Turnage, St. Louis .


Tanya K. Alm, Jefferson City
Adam A. Brown, Kansas City
Arimeta R. DuPree, Kansas City
Elizabeth V. Grana, St. Louis
L. William Hardwick, Waynesville
Lauren A. Horsman, Kansas City
Andrea R. Long, Springfield
Justin L. Mason, St. Louis
Samir R. Mehta, St. Louis
W. Patrick Mobley, St. Louis
Daniel F. Portnoy, Mission, KS
Ryan C. Turnage, St. Louis