Be Involved Your donations and support are vital to the delivery of LSSM legal services.

Judicare/Pro Bono

LSSM provides legal services in civil matters to the poorest members of our society.  We provide service through a mixed delivery system including staff, judicare program, and pro bono program.  LSSM welcomes the volunteer assistance of private sector attorneys who wish to help low-income people obtain equal access to justice.


LSSM represents clients through our judicare program.  Under this program, LSSM contracts with private attorneys who are paid a fee of $50 per hour to represent LSSM clients. LSSM is billed by judicare attorneys upon providing representation to our clients.  The judicare program helps LSSM expand legal aid in a cost-effective manner and ensures that LSSM represents clients throughout the entire 43-county service area.

Pro Bono

The pro bono program coordinates the efforts of attorneys who want to donate time to assist low-income people in LSSM's 43-county service area.  LSSM is dedicated to providing its volunteers with opportunities that will be rewarding and ensures legal representation is available to all regardless of their ability to pay.

Sign Up

Attorneys interested in helping us represent the low-income and elderly are encouraged to join our Judicare and/or VLP Attorney Panels. If you would like to sign up for either panel, click on the Participating Attorney Agreement link below to print and fill out the agreement Please submit using one of the following methods:

Mail to:
Legal Services of Southern Missouri
809 N. Campbell Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

Fax to:
(417) 881-2159

Scan and e-mail to:

LSSM Private Bar Web Access

LSSM judicare and pro bono panel attorney members can access the private web site to:

  • Review and accept pro bono cases on-line
  • View your open judicare or pro bono cases
  • Submit case billing or reports
  • Upload case documents and enter case notes
  • Close cases on-line

To access the LSSM Private Bar Web click: